PARC Road Safety Group is  an Irish NGO advocating for road safety and road traffic victims.  It was founded in 2006 by Susan Gray. PARC became a member of the VICTIMS' RIGHTS ALLIANCE GROUP in 2013.

28 March 2014
Deputy Thomas Broughan addresses Dail on Garda Inspectorate Report on the Fixed Charge Processing System - Link to statement

PARC contributions to road safety 2006 - 2013

PARC membership includes people who have lost a loved one in a road traffic collision, people who have had a loved one seriously injured and those who have sustained injuries themselves.
PARC members work with other road safety stakeholders to:

  • Save lives and prevent injuries.
  • Provide information to victims.
  • Encourage road users to be more aware and responsible on our roads.
  • Educate road users of changes in our road traffic laws.
  • Highlight the weaknesses of certain road traffic laws.
  • Highlight the issues that have arisen as a result of victims experiences.
  • Highlight certain aspects of court administration of sanctions for road traffic collision offences.

PARC Road Safety Group is a Member of FEVR, the European Federation of Road Traffic Victims, an Organisation with UN consultative status. We are also a signatory to the European Road Safety Charter, ERSC. PARC became a member of the Global Alliance of NGOs in 2012.



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An Garda Siochana launch PARC's updated guide 'Finding Your Way' during the Remembrance Day ceremony for road traffic victims on 17 November 2013

28 March 2014
Deputy Thomas Broughan addresses Dail on Garda Inspectorate Report on the Fixed Charge Processing System
Link to statement

27 March 2014
PARC welcomes news that the new working group agree a timeline for the introduction of Section 44 of 2010 Road Traffic Act ( third- payment option)

26 March 2014
Irish Times  - Law banning use of poor box in traffic cases widely ignored.

20 March 2014
Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar acknowledges PARC's work in his speech in Dublin Castle.

PARC members attended and addressed the Road Safety Authority's International Conference in Dublin Castle today.The conference focused on the impact of driver distraction, exploring the challenges presented by new technologies and ways to mitigate driver distraction.

Speech by Minister Leo Varadkar

11 March 2014
PARC calls for the Minister for Transport to sign into force without delay the new provisions in the 2014 Road Traffic Act including learner driver rules and penalty point laws.
Link to Irish Times Report - Unaccompanied learners escape serious fines.

25 February 2014
President Michael D Higgins signs into law the Road Traffic Act 2014.

Road Traffic Act 2014.

23 February 2014
PARC request results of latest Garda 'Operation Learner Driver' enforcement blitz.

The Sunday Business Post reports today that Garda are planning an enforcement blitz against learner drivers after it emerged they were involved in 64 fatal collisions over the past 5 years. Michael Brennan, political correspondent with the Business Post reports that one such operation took place nationwide last week and further operations are planned for later in the year.

18 February 2014
Road Traffic (No 2) Bill 2013 passes all stages in the Dail and Seanad. 

17th February 2014
PARC Statement on the Garda Siochana Act 2005 and GSOC

PARC road safety group has serious concerns regarding The Garda Siochana Act 2005, particularly those sections relating to the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission (GSOC).
In her contribution yesterday on RTE the former Ombudsman for Northern Ireland Nuala O' Loan pinpointed some of these concerns. 
She stated the following:
1. The Garda Ombudsman cannot investigate the Garda Commissioner.
2. The GSOC have no powers to get access to all the information held by the Garda.
3. Under the current arrangements there are serving Garda working in the office of the Ombudsman as liaison officers.
She went on to say..."If Ireland wants an effective Ombudsman capable of doing the job that any modern democracy needs then they should have the power to investigate the Chief Officer and they should have complete right of access to information". 

The GSOC members ought to be trusted with the most sensitive material, to do otherwise is to undermine the work and status of GSOC.

6 February 2014
PARC members raise concerns on Prime Time tonight - courts and the penalty points system

6 February 2014
Government agree to scrap the Court poor box system.

Minister for Justice Alan Shatter announces that the Court poor box is to be replaced with a statutory reparations fund into which offenders will make payments to provide support to victims of crime. 
Link to Irish Times report

27 January 2014
PARC meeting with Minister Varadkar to discuss rise in road deaths and Garda enforcement levels

25 January 2014
Garda Disciplinary Procedures -
 Strong, Effective and Transparent?
PARC believe that the internal Garda disciplinary procedures are not as effective or transparent as they ought to be....more

22 January 2014
PARC calls for an end to Court Poor Box donations for Road Traffic Offences

More than 1,700 drivers escaped penalty points and a conviction for motoring offences in 2013 by making a donation to the poor box when summoned to court. These figures were released yesterday to Deputy Thomas Broughan after submitting a question to the Minister for Justice Alan Shatter on the issue. PARC wants to see this practise stopped. Drivers found guilty in court of motoring offences should face the full rigour of the law and receive points and a fine. That is the only way penalty points will be successful in stopping people reoffending.

Link to Irish Times article by David Labanyi

15 January 2014
PARC attend Dail for Report and Final stages of Road Traffic Bill 2013.
The Road Traffic Bill 2013 goes to final stages in the Dail today. This Bill contains a number of welcome provisions including several which PARC have successfully campaigned for over the years including.... a provision to test blood taken from an incapacitated driver involved in a crash involving death or injury, as is common practice in Northern Ireland. The introduction of tougher penalties for hit and run drivers involved in an injury related crash. The introduction of penalty points for learner drivers for failure to display L Plates and for those who drive unaccompanied by a qualified driver.
This excellent Bill will focus minds on driver behaviour, particularly younger drivers in their 20s, a category that presents a particular problem that needs to be addressed immediately. 
PARC is delighted to have contributed to this Bill and enjoyed attending all it's stages going through the Dail.  We look forward to it being passed into law and enacted very shortly.

1 January 2014
PARC's successful campaign for major changes to Garda CT68 form.
As from today Gardai attending the scene of a road crash will record far more information about a crash on an updated Garda CT68 form. For the first time since the form was created in 1959 Gardai will record hit and runs along with much more precise data relating to the collision. 
PARC welcomes this very positive move. We, the families of victims have campaigned for many major changes to the outdated form. The new version will give all a far clearer picture of the causes behind road deaths and serious injury collisions in the future.

Link to Irish Examiner article.

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